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The day I decided to start the therapeutic process was and will remain one of the best days of my life.

A, 40

G, 33

I recommend the guided trance without hesitation!

It's fascinating how this can positively influence you, how at the end of a hectic day, it can change your mood and help you relax. For me, a session is a moment of refuge from the day.

A, 33

It refreshed both my loved ones and me.

I asked for help, and I received it in the best possible way - it refreshed both my loved ones and me, helped me discover myself, and helped me accept myself.

M, 32

I remained with a strong sense of positivity!

After the first meeting with Isabela, I felt in my own body what that connection represented. There is no definition or expression in words. The first session was relaxing; I expected to leave there fringed and upset, but I went with a strong sense of positivity!

A, 37

It helped me shed some light on the Anxiety Nebula.

Since I have been doing therapy, I have learned not to whip myself for any so-called failure, and to be patient with myself, which has helped me, surprisingly, to be more consistent, especially in listening and taking care of my body. I was very unskilled. I understand my emotions, thoughts, and needs better.

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How it sounds? Between 15 to 25 minutes long, read in slow paced, low pitch, with no background noise or sound effects.

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The audio provides a sustained and effective trance exercise that can help eliminate emotional difficulties when listened to repeatedly.

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An inner conflict is similar to a state of agitation regardless of its intensity and generates a form of energy. This energy is a hormonal cocktail of adrenaline and cortisol, and our brain maintains this cycle by creating catastrophic scenarios.

With Toeasemymind you can train yourself to use the creative power of this form of energy generating positive expectations so that you can finally return to moments of stability/emotional balance.

Toeasemymind audio sample: Plato's Allegory of the Cave


Audio samples: 60 second cuts from the hypnotherapy sessions

An illustration of the mind during trance

What goes on in the brain during trance?

When we encounter an emotional difficulty, we must use methods that directly address the proper emotional sphere to generate a change. If we rely only on language, there is an effect of frustration...

An older man reading to his grandchild from an open book with characters and scenes emerging from the book

The benefits of storytelling

The Power of Stories in Life and Relationships Stories in many moments of our lives surround us. They hold immense potential for connection and relationships. So sometimes, consciously or unconscio...

A person experiencing worry and a symbolic barrier, set against a background of life events triggering anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Recognizing Separation Anxiety and Its Symptoms Separation anxiety is characterized by excessive and persistent fear and anxiety (inadequate for the stage of development). It is related to separati...

Toeasemymind's therapists recording at the studio

We are passionate

Toeasemymind was born from the desire to expand what we do in the office so that we can reach more people.
Stories are a wonderful projection tool that offers through the action of the characters the opportunity to feel and explore emotional feelings.

We believe

We want to cultivate a state of well-being and we strongly believe in people's inner resources.

The time given to one's self is as vital as food, water or shelter. We believe in the healing power of stories, metaphors and analogies.

We are united

We were united by our passion for contemplation, reflection and the subtle side of life.

Ever since we were children, stories have played a very important role in our lives.