The benefits of storytelling

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The Power of Stories in Life and Relationships

Stories in many moments of our lives surround us. They hold immense potential for connection and relationships. So sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we turn to them when we need guidance or a new perspective. In this way, we move towards a moment of relaxation and grant ourselves a much-needed break for our psyche.

By accessing a story, we are first and foremost witnesses to a relationship with the storyteller. When there isn't a second person, we are placed in a dual role. Thus, we harmoniously swing between subjective and objective, which suspends our reality for a few moments and leads us towards a slightly different thread.

Learning and Personal Growth through Engaging with Stories

A person engaged in reading or listening to stories, surrounded by visual elements representing learning and personal growth

Gradually, we gain access to the characters' lives, what hinders and helps them, and how they overcome obstacles. We resonate emotionally with both the shadowy and the good parts and are with the protagonists from beginning to end.

What was damaged, broken, disturbed, collapsed, or something that has caused suffering, pain, torment, or sadness has become a little more bearable. And all of this is possible through the strength of the characters.

By being in the story from beginning to end, we gain wisdom, closeness, a fragment of hope, and perhaps a solution to a situation that has blocked us. Developing a better relationship with ourselves and becoming our story creators is possible. We can, why not, take a better look at our own story?

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