Zig-Zag the lightning

humanized lightning over the earth, seen by a kid, over the sky

We can better meet our needs when we express anger functionally

Anger is a primary biological emotion. Its role is to protect us and prepare the body for survival and life choices.

Like any other emotion, it is not good or bad, but it is essential in what context it is used and how. From an evolutionary standpoint, all emotions are necessary. Because through them, we gain access to internal resources for survival and growth.

We can better meet our needs when we express anger functionally and do not unnecessarily block the tension in our bodies. That is because when something is not in the order we need, we tend to get frustrated or annoyed, and anger pushes us to find solutions to our problems.

Anger also generates enough energy to change our value system, which tends to be very rigid, when something in it no longer matches our reality.

Anger may contribute to disorders such as depression and substance abuse

Psychological aspects

  • Anger can be brought to the surface by profound emotions like fear of losing control, abandonment, not being loved, etc. So it gives us a framework to understand better the deep layer of feelings we do not have access to in ordinary situations.
  • Stimulates agility and alertness,
  • Tends to blur focus and consciousness,
  • May contribute to disorders such as depression and substance abuse.

Physical aspects

The emotional discharge of anger is done by releasing adrenaline and cortisol hormones.

  • Strong adrenaline rush increases heart rate, muscle tension builds up, and digestion slows down. If this system is activated frequently, the body can undergo many negative changes
  • In a situation when the body enters flight or fight, anger is necessary for survival, having a protective role. We know this because the "fight" response has evolved to protect us from danger. This reaction is deeply rooted in our primitive need to live and defend ourselves from aggression.
  • Stimulates speed in movements,
  • Physical and emotional pain are experienced simultaneously

Some of us display anger because we have difficulties expressing other emotions

When anger is a reaction to past unresolved injustices, it invades man's reaction and does not allow the conscience to relate to the present situation.

We are taught that sadness and fear are undesirable and that it is better to distract ourselves when we feel this because we show weakness. The psyche accumulates a lot of tension and is discharged by anger, apparently as a defense mechanism.

When directed at oneself, anger takes the form of self-criticism, self-blame, exposure to high-risk situations, and direct harm.

Anger is more than an aggressive reaction. It allows us to adapt more effectively to the environment and others. A healthy expression of anger can open up dialogue about things that can be improved in a relationship and create enough energy for change.

In a situation of the relational blockade, when anger is used as a mechanism of power and control over the other, the situation becomes complicated. This system can lead to physical, mental, and verbal abuse in extreme conditions. Aggression occurs by establishing the relationship between the abuser and the victim.

The Story of Zig Zag, the Lightning

angry child with a lightning field around him

You will listen to the Story of Zig Zag, the Lightning in the trance. It's about finding balance and maybe meaning in his part of the world. We wanted to create a character inspired by nature which, by name, makes you think of something full of energy, bright, powerful, active, with a great power of control, and impulsive but which is much needed for things to happen naturally. And yes, if we were to choose an emotion we wanted to personify, that was anger.

Even though Zig Zag is connected to it, our objective isn’t to idle on this but to peer and wander further with this idea. To inject flexibility, understanding, empathy, compassion, acknowledgment, and, most importantly, to view anger differently. Thus the beginning of the journey is not the same as the end.

Because it is precious to see the process.

This story can be heard before bed, and we plan to create more such stories. Reading or listening to stories before bed is a gentle routine and an excellent time to discover meaning, all in a warm and safe environment.


Anger ... I often clogged you up, not knowing what to do with you. Explosion. The sharp pieces and the blast of your explosion wreak havoc on me and around me. Sadness. More anger. Anger ... Why? Who are you? Why are you coming? Where are you coming from? How does it feel? How can I comfort you? Anger? ... When I started to see, look at, and hug you, you changed your shape, color, and texture. What does it mean to tame? 😃

A, 32

Listen to the full Zig-Zag therapeutic story.

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