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Audiobook cover: Zig-Zag, Anger Management through compassion, with Narrative Therapy techniqueHow it's made? Therapeutic story that contains elements from Narrative Therapy Technique, Guided Imagery, Creative Visualization
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Audiobook cover: Confidence, Practice strength through actions, with Ericksonian hypnotherapy techniqueHow it's made? Ericksonian hypnotherapy trance that contains techniques for revivification and body awareness

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Audiobook cover: Personal audio program, with selected therapeutic techniques individualized for you

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How it sounds? Between 15 to 25 minutes long, read in slow paced, low pitch, with no background noise or sound effects.

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The audio provides a sustained and effective trance exercise that can help eliminate emotional difficulties when listened to repeatedly.

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Toeasemymind was born from the desire of both to expand what we do in the office so that we can reach more people. We want to cultivate a state of well-being and we strongly believe in people's inner resources. The time given to one's own person is as vital as food, water, shelter.

We were united by our passion for contemplation, reflection and the subtle side of life. We believe in the healing power of stories, metaphors and analogies.Ever since we were children, stories have played a very important role in our lives.They surprise in a non-invasive, non-directive way aspects of our psyche and in any story we can identify with parts of the resource but also with parts of the shadow within us, represented by positive and negative characters. Stories are a wonderful projection tool that offers through the action of the characters the opportunity to feel and explore emotional feelings.